Defensive Driving Tips

Defensive Driving Tips

Although getting behind the wheel may seem like a simple, everyday task, it could be one of the most dangerous things you do all day long. As a defensive driver, you can help avoid motorized crashes and lower your risk of costly insurance claims. By utilizing defensive driving measures, you can help keep yourself and other motorists safe on the road. 

Next time you get behind the wheel, implement these tips:

Eliminate distractions

Your sole focus should be the road. Avoid using your cellphone, adjusting the radio, eating and drinking behind the wheel.

Remain Alert

Check your mirrors often, and try to scan road conditions up to 30 seconds ahead of you.

Follow the rules of the road

Uphold standard protocols such as wearing a seat belt, obeying speed limits, using turn signals and approaching intersections with caution.

Don’t depend on other drivers

Never assume another driver is going to move out of the way or allow you to merge. Plan your movements to anticipate the worst-case scenario.