Commercial – Specific Industries

Your Business is Unique. So are Your Insurance Needs.

Unlike huge insurance providers that shoehorn businesses into generic policies, Mindi McKinley Insurance Services understands that your business is one of a kind. Your approach to serving your customers and your way of addressing supply, distribution, human resource, and financing challenges differ from your competitors, which means you need an insurance plan designed specifically for your enterprise. Mindi McKinley Insurance Services provides insurance to companies in Fort Worth, Arlington, Benbrook, Weatherford, Keller, North Richland Hills, and surrounding areas.

Our team excels at analyzing the needs and risk factors of your company and comparing it to industry averages, historical trends, and emerging changes in the marketplace to help you build an insurance plan that offers maximum coverage at the lowest possible rate.

Medical and Professional

  • Accounting Firm Insurance
  • Educational Facilities Insurance
  • Financial Institutions Insurance
  • Healthcare facilities Insurance
  • Chiopractors Insurance
  • Optometrist Insurance
  • Law firms Insurance
  • Media & Advertising Insurance
  • Printers & publishers Insurance
  • Real estate Insurance
  • Retail Business Insurance
  • Security guards Insurance
  • Self-storage facilities Insurance
  • Technology services Insurance
  •  Veterinarians Insurance
  • Non-Profit Company Insurance

Transportation and Trucking

  • Transportation Insurance
  • Escort Vehicles
  • Trucking Company Insurance
  • Pilot Car Insurance

Food Service and Entertainment

  • Craft breweries Insurance
  • Bars/Taverns/Nightclubs
  • Liquor Store Insurance
  • Restaurant Insurance
  • Restaurant Supply Dealers
  •  Photographers Insurance
  • Hotel/Motel Insurance
  • Hair Salons and Beauticians

Wholesale and Distribution

  • Wholesale Distribution Centers
  • Meat, Poultry and Fish Distribution
  • Manufacturing Insurance
  • Floral Distribution Center
  • Glass Dealers Insurance
  • Hardware and Tool Dealers
  • Building Materials Dealers

Agricultural and Farming

  • Nursery Insurance
  • Lawn Service Insurance
  • Landscape Business Insurance
  • Florist Insurance
  • Livestock Insurance

Property Management and Real Estate

  • Property Management Insurance
  • Lessors Risk (PRME)
  • Landlord Insurance
  •  Locksmiths Insurance
  • Overhead Door & Garage Door Company

Trades and Construction

  • Construction Insurance
  • Construction and Specialty Trade Insurance
  • Maintenance contractors Insurance
  • Marine Business Insurance
  • Maritime employers Insurance
  • Pool & Spas Insurance Insurance
  • Scrap metal Insurance Insurance
  • Septic contractors Insurance
  • Painting Contractors Insurance
  • Glaziers Insurance
  • Roofing Contractors Insurance
  • Electricians Insurance
  • HVAC Contractors Insurance
  • Plumbers Insurance
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Interior Designers Insurance
  • Termite and Pest Control Insurance
  • Janitorial Supply Dealers
  • Janitorial Contractors
  • Commercial General Contractors
  • Residential General Contractors
  • Masonry Construction Insurance
  • Concrete Contractors

Automotive Service Industry

  • Auto Service Insurance
  • Generic Auto Repair Insurance
  • Transmission Shop Insurance
  • Auto Body Repair Insurance
  • Auto Parts Supply Insurance
  • Garage Keepers Coverage

To learn more about creating a customized insurance plan can save you money while increasing your level of protection, contact a knowledgeable representative from Mindi McKinley Insurance Services today.​